Saturday, September 4, 2010

Wonderful Salt!

Soap, another everyday necessity
With my field being history, I find that chemistry has played a major role, if not one of the most important roles in the creation of civilizations.  Not to downplay the importance of the basic drive of the human spirit to build and advance; but the chemistry in the everyday items we use has shaped our lives more than anything.
     From the importance and desire for spices to the essential need for ascorbic acid and sodium chloride, these few introduced the "want" for societies to grow and become higher powers; even at the sad cost of so many lives.  Ultimately if countries had an even, equal distribution of all commodities, would we have grown like we have?
     As we learned about the importance of ascorbic acid and the vital necessity of it in the prevention of scurvy, we too have learned about the importance of salt for the body.  Not only is salt a vital nutrient, it also has been vital to shaping the world.  So many applications today require this amazing compound.
     The chapter on salt was so interesting to me not only from the chemistry standpoint, but more so for me is the history of it.  Learning about the wonderful spices and salt that we take for granted today has made me realize that history is more than just about people.  It is also contained within the everyday items we use daily.

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