Sunday, September 26, 2010

Organic Chemisty and My Thoughts

           Studying organic chemistry has only differed slightly over the previous weeks.  With the organic chemistry I see so much being done with these unique molecules unlike applications of other substances we have covered.  The term organic when relating to chemistry means that carbon is a part of the make-up; I have seen many different molecules only differ by one or more side chains or shapes. 
            During the past few weeks, I have enjoyed learning about all the chemistry that makes up my world.  I have been especially surprised by the ingredients of pool balls.  I love to play pool and always wondered what they were made of.  I knew that the substance had to have a lot of qualities that would keep it true and round and overall the same weight as the others.  I have fun when I have discovered something I didn’t know before.
            I have learned so much in the past weeks seems to be my motto.  This class relates so much to my degree of history.  There is so much in history that now makes more sense because I know what people were fighting over.  I see how chemistry has changed history and the lives of people throughout history.  Once I see the overall bigger picture, the pieces of the puzzle seem to fall into place.
            Having the ability to utilize pictures, video and the internet in this course rather than just the traditional book has made this class come to life.  I can’t imagine not having all the extra mediums at my finger tips as tools. 

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