Saturday, September 11, 2010

Pollution. My thoughts.

     This week’s readings were interesting to me because of how new technology that was created at different points and times changed how we lived, worked and traded.  The advances of past times were considered to be fantastic and were but people were not aware of the devastating effects that they would have on people, the environment and the ozone layer.  Without the early science and the pitfalls created by them, we would not have understood and respected the chemical nature as we do today.  I am sure no one sets out to create a new technology to harm everything and everyone around it. 
What is wonderful about the age we are in is the conscientious nature of people.  People are really thinking hard about the ecological problems and looking for greener alternatives.  Back decades ago, the science was new and detrimental effects were not on the minds of the creators; they were thinking about how their technology would help people live better. 
     Chemistry definitely helps me live better, but pollution affects my field of agriculture.  We utilize chemicals to enhance our fields of hay.   We have to be very careful to not over fertilize.  If we do, the excess will run off into the river behind our farm, or in the creek that runs through the farm.  Outside of polluting rivers and streams that will have an impact on the ocean eventually, we have to worry about our own drinking water as we use a well for water.  This week’s lesson makes me think harder for other ways to maintain our farm, our livelihood but at the same time stay as green as possible.
     My everyday life is woven in chemistry.  From the dish soap I wash dishes in, to the fuel I put in my vehicle to transport me places.  I find it in my food, I find it in my fish tank that is in desperate need of maintenance, J. I also find it in simple items for my pets, such as Frontline for tick control.  Chemistry makes my life easier, better, but I don’t want an easier life at the expensive of clean air and clean drinking water.  I believe more people should embrace that concept.

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