Sunday, September 19, 2010

Glorious Phenols!

Anyone for a game of pool?
     As I sit and look around, I notice all the wonderful things created by man utilizing phenols.  I cannot image our world without this remarkable compound.  The most interesting aspect of the readings this week was the story about antiseptic care and how operations that were once sure to end in infection or death are now safe and simple procedures.  The drive of a physician to create safer hospitals and surgeries is outstanding.  I am in awe of people who continue to try.  He knew there was a way and kept after it.  Thank goodness for those unique people in world and throughout history, for without them we would not enjoy the lives that we do.

     The upcoming paper due on "What's That Stuff" is very interesting so far.  I am amazed at the concept and the technology of preservation.  I have always been somewhat nervous of too many preservatives, I have never been convinced that they are completely safe.  I do feel a little more at ease while researching, the flip side of the coin may mean botulism, I'll pass!

      I have always felt that the world is full of endless possibilities and ways to live better.  This class has been proving to me why I should be in awe.  I have learned so much about different chemicals and substances so far.  It is wonderful to see and understand the uses.  My favorite part is the history that goes along with them.

     I hope in the coming weeks to find more information that will be completely interesting.  So far my favorite chapter dealt with the spices, coming in second was salt.  We will see what else is in store!

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