Sunday, October 3, 2010

Dyes and My Thoughts

  I plan to interject multiculturalism into my paper by appreciating the history of the chemistry we have covered.  Chemistry and the wonderful molecules discovered were founded by a multitude of peoples.  The combining of these minds from around the world has shaped our world.  We do not owe celebration to one culture or group of people, but many.  A great number of cultures have contributed to the science.
      A dye that I use daily comes in the form of satisfaction.  My addiction to caffeine and adoption of my brother’s choice of poison to feed the addiction comes to me in the form of Mt. Dew.  Mt. Dew supplies me in my hour of need with much needed caffeine to pull me through the day.  In the ingredients of my life force and secret weapon is Yellow #5.  Yellow #5 gives this unique beverage its signature yellow green coloring.  Ah, where would I be without it?  I know, asleep!
     When delving into the question of how dyes relate to the first five weeks, I find that dyes relate very much to what we have been covering thus far.  Like many of the molecules we have discussed, dyes require chemistry to make them what they are and properties to color fabrics and enable those fabrics maintain that color.  Dyes changed the way we view ourselves, royalty used purple; this allowed them to stand out above the population.  There was, just as many of the other molecules that progressed because of need and want.  If salt had not have been needed, there would have been no use for it.  If the want of color hadn’t been so important, dyes would not have evolved and colored our world.

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