Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Isoprene and Steroids

     Isoprene is formed naturally in plants and animals; this is something that I was unaware of.  Isoprene is the most common hydrocarbon in the body.  The naturally occurring isoprene in trees helps the tree to combat abiotic stress.
     Regarding steroids and the chapter I read concerning the pill, I find it to be very interesting that a person can take a molcule and change it into something totally different.  The thought the the yam was instrumental in today's birth control.
     Since I am a little behind on my blogs and catching up, as you know I hadn't been overly excited about the group project.  We had some initial trouble and although we are making progress and I am enjoying my part of the project, I still would have to be honest and say that I am less than enthusiastic overall.  I believe the reason why is being dependant on other people, there is worry associated with waiting for others to fulfill their part.  So far everyone has been making a great effort in order to complete this activity.

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