Wednesday, December 1, 2010

~*~*~*~*Witches and Chemistry~*~*~*~*

          The concept of witchcraft and chemistry has posed an interesting question, “Did the effects of witches and their chemistry survive until modern times?”  I believe it did.  Women up until the last few decades have been poorly recognized in many ways; they have also along the way hit the inevitable “glass ceiling”.  Statistically women are paid less for the same job as many in many companies today.  I do believe women are moving higher and higher with each decade, but it has been a really long road. 
            Concerning the next week of class, I think morphine, caffeine and nicotine will be an interesting discussion and read.  I have learned so much about the chemistry around me in this class, more so than in chemistry class.  I think having taken this class I can really start to understand just how important it is and how it has effected and still affects mankind today.
            As far as this class goes, I find it hard to say what I like and don’t like.  The books are great, I really loved them and I plan on keeping my Napoleon’s Buttons book.  The Holmes case we did I liked a lot, I don’t understand why the majority didn’t.  But for me, the challenge of solving a puzzle is fun, interesting and I learned from it.  I have had a hard time keeping up in this class and I am sure that I have missed assignments here in there.  I think there is really too much to do, it was really overwhelming for me.  It is no secret that I didn’t care for the group; I would have enjoyed the assignment more if I had done it alone.  There were too many parts to the group as well, I was just confused.  I think my confusion stems a lot from my crazy schedule this semester also, I am taking 13 hours, working for three different post offices filling in, not to mention being a wife and mom….  I am just ready for the semester to be over with; I think I have aged two years in four months!
            Seriously, everything was very interesting but I think there was a little too much to do overall.  Maybe skim a little here and there off.  The discussion boards were great and allowed for an actual “discussion” which my other classes don’t seem to understand.  If everyone says the “same” thing, how are we to discuss anything?  With this class I had no problem discussing the topic because we all had different parts or at least said or had a different idea than everyone else.  At first I wasn’t crazy about this blog, but I have come to enjoy it.  If for no other reason than to feel that I have a voice and I am not just a number that needs to follow the syllabus word for word without question in order to receive a grade. 
            Thanks for putting up with me so far, you are almost finished as well!  J

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